The purpose of this report is to depict the needs and readiness, in terms of ehealth employment, of the main actors during the current stage and before the health solution is implemented. On top of the User-Requirement analysis, current challenges / concerns / intentions will be evaluated using quick questionnaires built upon Eysenbach’s methodology including elements of inclusiveness and co-creation. The evaluation concerns both end user groups (patients and healthcare providers).
The purpose of the questionnaires is to estimate the real needs of the healthcare providers and the level of readiness to accept and adopt ehealth solutions to their daily practice. This is a necessary element effective co-creation activity that will be beneficial both to the providers and end users. The questionnaires consist of free-text questions, Yes/No answers, frequency-based answers, and agree/disagree range from 1-5, based on the implementation outcomes and definitions as defined by proctor et al and method for measuring experiences and knowledge of healthcare providers regarding the use and implementation of eHealth.


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Personal information

Location of Residence
Educational Status

Existing ehealth practice

Have you ever used eHealth?
How often do you use eHealth?
Sometimes, 1-3 a year
Often, once / month
Very often, once / week
How often do you choose an alternative to eHealth?
Every time i need a session
How often do you need help using eHealth?
Every time i use it
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